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Here’s wot we made in Spain

It was touching 37c when we started filming the second half of this as dusk fell over the Med. Cast and crew showed extraordinary fortitude to maintain their cool whilst bopping away to the wonderful Japanese Popstars. Yes, it’s a tough game this.

And here’s one we made back home in the rain featuring the superb Emma Little:


Ross sails into the sunset

While the rest of us were getting seriously depressed about the amount of rain falling in Ireland, our international sportsman was off sunning his buns in cheerful Corsica.

Yes, Ross was again showing us that the term armchair sportsman is just not in his vocabulary – as he keeps telling us. 

Competing in the European Mine’s-a-Pinot-Grigio Cup (or something equally daft), Ross defeated some once-proud seafaring nations, including the Finns and Swedes as you can see from the pic below. (Actually, you’d think those Viking-ish countries would be pretty scundered – being beaten by a wee chunker from Ballyholme)

Anyway, while this post has a tinge of sarcasm about it, it really is born of jealousy – pure and simple. Well done, wee man. Now go and buy a looser wetsuit with your winnings.

Ross crosses the line ahead of some Swedes and Turnips

Has the letter ‘G’ fallen off that sail?

Our Spanish shoot – all is revealed

We were off in Spain a few weeks ago shooting a commercial for Northern Bank. Here’s some images that don’t show anybody drinking mojitos or having a fag out the back:

Michael tries to direct a waiter his way.

Watch out – Rachel’s back.

McIvor was in the pink throughout his stay.

Mark Garrett – always afraid of getting his neck burnt.

Jill was always on the case.

One heavy dude – the wonderful Eric made everything happen

Colin and Brian look way too serious.

“Here mister – will I be on the news tonight?”

Love your freedom. Hate your socks.

Time out to check email.

Sorry. I don’t know any of these people.

Finally, the real hero of the shoot – the wonderful Spanish light.

I thank you.

You wait ages to celebrate something…

Then three reasons pop up at once. From the top: Claire’s birthday; Elm House Creative’s second birthday; and finally, some of the gang pop out for a swifty to celebrate the fact that we achieved full ISO accreditation in record time.

Now, back to work you slackers.

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